Current Events



Nov. 23 – 25.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the family, friends, & food. (And football)


Demo Team Practice

ALL Demo team members MUST attend ALL practices.

Nov. 3rd, 17th, and Dec. 1st.

Dec. 1st is our final dress rehearsal before promos!   


Kids Promotion Week

Week of Dec. 3rd

Times are as follows:

Dec. 4th – P-B-G @ 5:30

Dec. 5th – W-Y-O @ 5:30

Dec. 6th – Ninjas @ 5:30

Dec. 6th – Brown @ 6:30

In order to promote, you should have 24 classes total, color stripes, testing stripe, and your intent to promote paper.

If you are unsure of your testing status, please talk to an instructor.



November 18th at 12:30.

All members must attend.

If you are curious about becoming a S.W.A.T. member,

please talk to an instructor.



“Whether you think you can,

or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Founder of Ford Motor Company