About American Kenpo

Kenpo (Which means "Fist's Law") Karate (Which means "Open Hand") is at fighting system, which traces its roots back to China's Shao-Lin Monastery, over 2000 years ago when the art was known as Ch'Uan Fa. 

Kenpo is a system of many martial arts, combining linear and circular motion, which can be hard or soft in application when and where it becomes useful.  The system combines the components of Kung Fu and JuJitsu with traditional Karate. 

Developed by the late senior Grandmaster Ed Parker in the 1960's , American Kenpo is one of the most comprehensive martial arts systems studied in the world today.  Recognized as the undisputed "Father of American Karate," Mr. Parker revised and refined the ancient Chinese fighting system to cope with our modern day environment. 

The Kenpo difference lies in its practical use of "Logic applied to motion" and not merely movement based on "blind obedience" and tradition.  As Ed Parker once said: "It's not who's right (correct) but who's left (standing) that counts."

Is Karate good for children?
YES!    Our children's program is designed to allow the younger students to better understand and enjoy karate. Aggression and violence are bypassed to give each child a safe atmosphere to enjoy what may become a life-long endeavor.  We teach with positive reinforcement as to encourage self-confidence.   

As part of our children's curriculum, we strive to help the student understand fundamentals and principles of self-defense.  Developing basic physical skills are stressed along with teaching our students the proper attitude and outlook, as well as learning to be more focused and use self-control.  Our ultimate goal is to instill self-respect and confidence in your child.